Our intention

Yoloha is here to help you build your physical skills, challenge you along the way, and achieve a greater sense of presence. Our classes are built for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and will guide you to a greater state of health, well-being, and connection. Each class will allow you to increase your body awareness, flexibility, and strength all while decreasing stress and providing a platform for personal growth. Everyone is unique, and your experience will be too. We recommend that you try all of our styles to experience the breadth of our offerings. Importantly, we are here to help guide you. As we too were once in your shoes, both as a brand new student and an avid practitioner, we are here to guide you during your yoga and fitness journey. Please call our studio or talk in person to any of our excellent staff and they will be able to assist you directly. Most importantly, know you can do this! See you on the mat.


Yoga Basics

We will work to break it down for newbies and seasoned yogis alike, giving us all a better understanding of how to move our bodies in a safe and effective way. The sequencing in this class is a bit slower with a deeper focus on alignment. We will offer lots of modifications and cues for everyone in the room, making this a fun and challenging class for every body!

Yoloha Power +
Yoloha Hot Power

A fun, mixed-level vinyasa flow linking mind, body and breath with many modifications offered to amp up your practice. Class begins and ends nice and slow with a crescendo of heat-building poses in between. Whether you’re looking for a workout or to get your mind right after a long day, this class is for you. Hot power heated to 85-90 degrees.

Radiate and Meditate

This is an open level class that gives students the opportunity to explore body, breath, and mind. The class will have elements of both invigoration and relaxation; designed to leave practitioners feeling in tune and complete.

Align and Flow

Breath, foundation, alignment: this all levels class will start with grounding postures and build into a controlled warrior flow. Throughout class, cues will be given consistently to encourage your body into YOUR “perfect” form. Although this class will never be the same, as we think it is important to challenge the body in new ways, it will have repeated elements and foundational postures. If you are a beginner, this is a great class to try out and if you are an experienced practitioner, we guarantee we will find a way to challenge you.

Find Your Flow

Move like you and find your best flow while waking up your body and mind. This class will have dynamic flowing sequences with sun salutations to start your day. Be prepared to move, laugh, be challenged, and get grounded in your intentions.

Vin to Yin

The term “yoga” means to join, to form a union, to yolk, or to balance. All yoga is yoga and all of us need all of it. This class incorporates a little bit of everything. Vin to Yin starts with around 30-45 minutes of a yang style vinyasa flow to work all of the muscle groups, incorporate breath work, and warm the body. The remainder of the class is imposed of a yin, deep stretch, and restorative series that will get into those rigid areas of the body, and focus on the more meditative, cooling, and still side of the Asana practice. This challenging, opening, and energizing class is a well rounded way to begin your day.


Kate Counts
200hr RYT

With a college degree in education, Kate spent half a decade of her early adult life teaching Fourth Grade. During this time, Kate’s journey with yoga began as her time on the mat became a go-to for stress release – a way to regroup and truly focus on herself. After 5 years of teaching, she moved on to become a mom to three wonderful children, using yoga during each pregnancy as a way to witness the miracle of life growing within.

Years later, Kate started teaching fitness classes and training at a local gym. Yoga continued to be a major part of her life – now as a way not only to relieve stress, but as a way to sooth sore and tired muscles.

This is when Kate decided to pursue her 200hr RYT through Gaea Yoga Center in Mt. Pleasant in 2013. Through the last couple of years Kate has gained an appreciation for anatomy and the function of yoga, mainly focusing on skeletal variation, which makes us all so unique in our own bodies!

AshleyAnne Brown Yoloha Yoga Factory Teacher


AshleyAnne is a 500hr RYT, she received her 200 hr YTT from the Kripalu Yoga Center in 2012, and continued her studies finishing her 300 hr YTT from the Passion Yoga School in 2017. Her classes follow the Akhanda Yoga lineage, a traditional Indian style asana practice focusing on the energetic body. She holds space for her students to explore their primal human nature. Her classes advocate yogis to dive beyond the physical experience and connect internally with pranayama and meditation. She creates a sacred space for the community of students too feel silly, vulnerable, playful and whole. AshleyAnne specializes in stand up paddle board yoga, and prenatal yoga (85 hr YTT) Both classes offer the opportunity for her to fulfill her dharma (purpose) to empower and connect women to the nature and beauty surrounding them and within them.

Sara Jones Yoga Teacher Charleston

200 HR RYT

Sarah first stepped onto her mat in 2006 during finals week at the College of Charleston. What started as a heavy, anything-but-flexible method for dealing with stress and anxiety, soon became a graceful, go-with-the-flow way of life – especially after she was introduced to the styles of Baron Baptiste. Ten years later, Sarah received her training at Charleston Power Yoga. Now, with Baptiste Power Vinyasa at her foundation, Sarah enjoys instilling the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to students of all levels and can be found doing just that right here on James Island.

Emily Shoemaker Yoloha Yoga Factory Teacher

200hr RYT

Yoga has been the main gateway for growth in Emily’s life. It has made her stronger and more flexible physically, it has taught her how to truly love herself and to love others, how to begin to let go of judgement and fear, how to persevere, and how to be more patient. She learns these lessons daily on her mat over and over.

Her favorite lesson is that even when she falls (which happens often), she can just get back up, find her breath, ground her feet, (or head or hands) onto her mat, and start again. She loves sharing these lessons as well as being a guide and a witness to the growth of others.

Emily received her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2012. She also received her certification in children’s yoga in 2014.

Katherine Johnson Yoloha Yoga Instructor

Katherine Johnson
200hr ryt

Kat began practicing yoga when she was 13 as a way to spend more time with her mother. But she fell in love with power yoga during her college years as a way to deal with stress and challenge herself physically. She completed her yoga teacher training at Charleston Power Yoga in 2015 after spending a few years there as an assistant. She is a firm believer in the personal power of this practice and that each yogi can create an experience that fits their unique body and self. Kat tailors her classes to offer variations and modifications so that her students can confidently choose their own journey on their mats.

Emily Bristol Yoloha Yoga Teacher

200hr RYT

Ten years ago, Emily reluctantly stepped in to a Power Yoga class. She could not touch her toes and had no idea what was going on. She returned to her mat intermittently over the years, and committed to a regular practice after she moved to Charleston. The asana, or physical practice, was just the starting point of a transformative journey. Through yoga, Emily found a home and a community in a new city. She practices the transition from anger to love, from doubt to trust, from fear to strength, and from darkness to light. In 2017, Emily completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at a Baptiste affiliate studio. She guides her students to find strength, to soften, to open and to connect to their breath. Show up. Expect to move. Expect to sweat.

200hr RYT

Jenny is the founder and main instructor at Shaka Surf School on Folly Beach.She’s an all-star surfer and a local legend.In addition to being an incredibly reassuring and encouraging force in the water, she’s been teaching yoga and pranayama for 20+ years.She routinely leads surf and yoga retreats in the Caribbean and Central America. You can catch her classes here at Yoloha and on the beach both independent of and in conjunction with surf sessions.She knows that the ocean and the earth as a whole are constantly reminding us how to fall back into rhythm, and she shares those messages beautifully.

Julie Luisi
200hr RYT

Julie was dragged to her first yoga class on the beach with her well-intended mother at the tender age of 13 and let’s just say that she wasn’t sold. Flash forward 10 years or so and Julie found a way back to her mat through hot power yoga. Despite her initial resistance, thinking yoga was just a bunch of stretching, she soon learned that it was so much more. Julie quickly fell in love with the physicality that this practice offers and, through getting on her mat more and more, experienced the transformational power that comes with moving intentionally in your own body. Yoga became the saving grace in Julie’s life. The breath, the movement, the community, it has healed her in so many ways, both physically and mentally. In 2018, she decided the greatest gift would be to share this practice with those around her and Julie became a 200 hour RYT through Charleston Power Yoga.


Christine Lentz Yoga Teacher Charleston

Christine Lentz
200hr RYT

Yoga is my anchor.

When the world is spinning around me or the waves are rough, I can come back to my mat and reconnect to the moment, to my body, to my breath and eventually find a sense of gratitude and connection. Everything else seems to fade into the background. Yoga, and all it’s wisdom allows me to remember who I am at my core, to come back to the present moment and to let go of all the “shoulds”.

Originally from Ohio, I moved to Charleston 5 years ago and absolutely love it! I have been a yoga student since 2005, and am still learning! Traveling the world with my love, cherishing a good glass of red wine, and taking a walk on the beach, are some of my favorite things.

I received my 200 hour from Gaea Yoga Center & am currently pursuing my 300 hr training from Asheville Yoga Center. My favorite styles to teach and practice include a Slow, Powerful Flow, Yin, Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra.


Pure Sports Service
Pure Sports Service
19:14 17 Oct 18
I had one yoga class under my belt last month and after just a few classes i feel very comfortable walking in to any yoga studio with out being totally lost! Going to Yoloha after work or during lunch saves the day! I will definitely continue to learn from the lovely people at Yoloha.
Alexia Zecopoulos
Alexia Zecopoulos
12:39 15 Oct 18
My experience here has been incredible so far! I love the wide range of class times, the amazing instructors, and the all-inclusive + peaceful environment. This studio has helped me to form a new found admiration for yoga and for my body!
Taylor Taylor
Taylor Taylor
00:38 05 Oct 18
The hot yoga classes are awesome. Such a good workout! All the teachers are great, too!
Mira Kraft
Mira Kraft
13:58 30 Sep 18
LOVe. Destressing, uplifting experience every time. The classes are challenging, instructors are high caliber and the bright locale is lovely. Also love that it’s off the beaten path with easy parking, but that’s just a small bonus, I would certainly brave a challenging commute and parking situation for Yoloha any day:)read more
John Scrughan
John Scrughan
13:39 29 Sep 18
I love this studio!! The instructors are inspiring and motivating as well as personable. I always feel amazing after a class!!! It is very convenient that they offer a wide range of class types and class times, so it is easy to find time to fit one of these amazing classes into your schedule. I highly recommend!!read more
Lauren Comar
Lauren Comar
12:49 25 Sep 18
I have really enjoyed the classes and teachers at Yoloha. Great space for yoga - small and intimate yet light and airy. The teachers are so knowledgeable and the classes are consistently challenging. I always leave the studio feeling so much better than when I walked in.
Jacinda Standley
Jacinda Standley
12:26 14 May 18
This review is subject to change because I haven’t actually taken a class here yet, but I came by this morning to talk to someone about signing up not knowing what to expect, and it turns out that the front door opens right into the studio. So when people come in it interrupts whatever yoga session is going on. Embarrassing! So the instructor came out and told me that she was in the middle of a session and would be done at 8 and then basically shut the door in my face. Ok. I thought, “I’m not going to let that bother me; she is obviously teaching right now so I will come back at 8.” So I come all the way back at 8 and there is nobody here and the door is locked after I told her I would come back. I just feel like that was very rude and disrespectful of my time to not tell me she was not going to be here, and now I also have no idea how I’m supposed to sign up for these classes if every time you walk in you’re interrupting a class? Very uncomfortable, and I wonder if the classes are interrupted often? Maybe take a cue from Charleston Community Yoga and at least curtain off the studio so people can still come in and talk about memberships? Just a suggestion.read more
Hillary Sabbato
Hillary Sabbato
20:46 29 Mar 18
This is such a beautiful space with open and welcoming teachers. Love that this sweet studio is on James Island, so close to home. I have gotten to experience class with Emily, Jenny, and Sarah who all lead beautiful classes in their own style. Highly recommend checking this place out and can't wait to see how it grows!read more
Christine Lentz
Christine Lentz
12:03 29 Mar 18
Love love love having this yoga studio on James Island! Amazing energy and inspiring teachers. Loved Jenny, Kate, and Celia’s class so far! Excited to have this little gem in the community.
Gordon De Puy
Gordon De Puy
23:21 19 Feb 18
This is a really great studio with really dedicated instructors. I can't think of a better way to start the day off then with the challenging and meditative stretching that concludes the Vin to Yin classes that Emily teaches. The long-lasting effects of the deep stretches are a real game changer. I've also taken the power classes taught by both Celia and Katie and both instructors taught classes that surpassed my expectations and made it hard to leave class not feeling grounded and focused.read more
Morgan Rhodes
Morgan Rhodes
17:45 26 Jan 18
I attended two classes at Yoloha since its opening and they were both incredible. Both of the teachers (Emily & Celia) led very mindful, intentional classes that were just as challenging physically as they were meditative and grounding. The space was just as beautiful. I am just so happy to have a studio on James Island and was so delighted my experience so far exceeded my expectations. I shall return!read more
Katlin Chadwick
Katlin Chadwick
15:04 23 Jan 18
Truly a wonderful addition to James Island! The space is beautiful. Love that you have a choice of cork mat types (all hand-made by yoloha!)I like that there is a diverse offering of classes - some slower-paced and focused on breathe and alignment, some focused on holding poses, and others quicker power flows that build lots of heat. Also, all instructors teach a little differently, are very welcoming and open to feedback, and want to customize the practice to you.Would highly recommend!read more
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